novasoy (novasoy) wrote in e2_geeks,

First post!

Ahoy, Everythingians. I am Ed, a.k.a. [novasoy]. My geek credentials are as follows
  • Currently employed as an application analyst, whatever that is
  • In my spare time I tinker with two SPARC workstations running a Red Hat variant
  • I have set up my own wireless network at casa de Ed
  • I know how to do an unordered list in HTML
  • I've been playing D&D since 1978
  • My affinity for gadgets, office supply stores, and astronomy is legendary
  • I can quote Monty Python with the best of ye
  • I've read almost all of Neal Stephenson's books and understood them
  • I have recently become enamored of the 4,000 year old Chinese/Japanese game Go, not that there is anybody within 100 miles who can play it with me
  • I actually like MC Frontalot
I could go on, but I won't. Peace out.
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